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Clay and Charcoal 7 Day Detox Support

Clay and Charcoal 7 Day Detox Support

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Activated Charcoal

*binds and removes toxins/poisons/molds

*reduces gas/bloating

*helps prevent hangovers

*improves kidney function

*cleanses digestive system

*improves skin health

Bentonite Clay

*rich in minerals

*detoxifies digestive system

*strengthens immune system

*neutralizes gut bacteria

*improves digestion and reduces nausea, diarrhea, constipation, acid reflux

*encourages pH balance

*improves skin health

*reduces candida

*removes fluoride



Diatomaceaous Earth

(food grade)


*supports collagen production

*increases wound healing

*helps to manage blood sugar levels

*contains magnesium



Mix 1/2 TBSP in Warm Water and Drink AM and PM

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